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My Coffee Table

Today my coffee table was delivered. You can see it below, complete with Learning Perl and Programming Perl along with Computer Forensics, some circuit board coasters, and my 12" PowerBook. The coffee cups? Well, those are for "my buddy" Jamie, who made me get a coffee pot, a blender, and this table in the first place. On the loveseat you see "Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition." I've yet to play it. Hopefully soon.


3 Responses to "My Coffee Table"

  1. Nice taste in coffee tables, Erik. I have the exact same one!

  2. Very important question about your coffee table: how well does it function as a place to put your feet while you are in "maximum slouch" position?

  3. Quite nicely. That was the one function I made sure to test before choosing the table for purchase. The drawers? Fuggem. But it had to be the right height for sure.