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Barenaked Blogging

The Barenaked Ladies have a blog (LINK) but they lack an RSS feed. This makes me sad. But then again, this makes me happy (JPEG).

Guys, pop on an RSS feed fast or I - and I suspect many others - will forget that your blog exists. I visit sites with RSS feeds more often than sites without them, so you wouldn't be losing my eyes.

P.S. I love that, if I chose to quote Barenaked Ladies, this would be a quote I could use: "It's going to be fuckin fantastic!!"

5 Responses to "Barenaked Blogging"

  1. No RSS feed there either, and what the hell is up with the .asp? Eeek!

    Moby, man, I could set you up with a nice MovableType installation if you wanted. Ring me, baby. Chat later. Ciao.

  2. Wow, you rock Erik - bnl has a weblog, awesome!! Thanks for the pointer!

    Hey, how does one pick a good provider for hosting a web log? I've been looking around, and it seems hard to find decent ones.

  3. That depends on a lot of factors. I know Dreamhost has plans that include php, perl, and mysql (the things I use to drive this site) for like $10/month. I have my own semi-dedicated server, and pay over $100/month, and host 25 sites, so I haven't had to research a smaller thing like you seem to want in years.

    Of all my Blogging Pals, only Dave has his own server (with Dreamhost) - the other three are currently on my server.

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