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Honk… If Mac UI Inconsistencies are Driving You Batty

widgets10_2_5.gifSteven of Panic is pointing out that there are now three different kinds of metal window widgets. Hell, I'm still irked that my Sunken Metal Widgets Bug remains in place in 10.2.5.

OS updates are supposed to fix bugs, not introduce new ones. Apple surely knows about these things, and it's silly that they're not being paid their due attention. How much is that? The Mac UI used to be very much about "attention to details." Now it seems it takes the business end of a shovel to make anyone pay attention to the little things anymore.

But hey, that date/time bug was fixed, so we should be rejoicing in the streets, right? Harumph.

8 Responses to "Honk… If Mac UI Inconsistencies are Driving You Batty"

  1. "Apple surely knows about these things"

    Earlier you said it pays being an employee - are you one? (Just jurious...)

    Apple surely knows about the bug where my Dell LCD doesn't work with my nVidea card correctly anymore (it detects the native resolution incorrectly at startup - worked flawlessly in 10.2.3) since the bug was closed as a duplicate, but that wasn't fixed in 10.2.5 either. A more serious problem if it affects you.

  2. Use those connections at Apple to talk to the UI consistency department ­čÖé

  3. I am. And long ago I filed this bug. It's still marked open but was merged with some other filings, last I checked.

  4. Are you telecomuting from FL? Can you say what group you were hired into?

  5. No, but you can figure it out. Keep researching. Let's end that line of comments though ok?

  6. I know where you work. Or at least, I think I do. You could work at a way cooler part of Apple though! I mean, the accounting division...sheesh.

  7. Erik works at an Apple Store, if I remember correctly.

  8. Invasion der Mac-Blogger

    Kommt mir das eigentlich nur so vor oder sind Mac-Nutzer in der Blogger-Szene ├â┬╝berrepr├â┬Ąsentiert? (Nicht dass mich st├â┬Âren w├â┬╝rde, bin