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IM Spam

Steve Mallett of O'Reilly is wondering when his AIM nickname is going to get spammed. I don't use ICQ because of the number of rogue messages I got, but here are my assurances to Steve: I've never gotten a "spam" on AIM. My AIM nickname is available to anyone who'd like to message it, but as yet, there seem to be no AIM bots that search Web pages for screen names.

That day will probably come, though. 🙁

4 Responses to "IM Spam"

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  2. AIM spam's been around since at least 1999. It was originally limited mostly to hapless AOL users, but has been expanding ever since. Not making yourself searchable in your profile greatly reduces the chances of spam.

  3. i get a god aweful lot of aim spam, i really, hate it.

  4. Screen name harvesters are around. But Instant Messenger spam is the "wave of the future" or so I've been told by a few sucessful spammers. IM is too much of a controlled environment to get away with excessive spam.