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OneWord: Specific

I have nothing specific to write, though I would like to say that the last OneWord was on April 10, and this is kind of annoying. I've built this thing around doing a OneWord once per day, and yet these people can't publish a word for three days. What's the deal with that? How hard is it to flip through a dictionary and post a word? In three days? No specific word, just any word. The specificity is astounding! That made no sense. But they should still post more often.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

One Response to "OneWord: Specific"

  1. Jon Rentzsch writes about the signal to noise ratio found on blogs. He links to one of my older OneWord entries, in fact, which starts out using the one word "specific" in the sentence "I have nothing specific to say."...