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QotD: New Home Appliance

Question: If you could invent one home appliance that does not exist, what would it be and why?

My Answer: I would invent whatever the opposite of a microwave would be - something that cools things very quickly. This would be useful for immediately refreezing ice cream, chilling warm Coke, and achieving "cold pizza for breakfast" at any time of the day.

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4 Responses to "QotD: New Home Appliance"

  1. I would invent a screenwriting software perfectly tailored to my style of writing. Yes, it has been done, but this will give me audio warnings when I write a gaping plot hole and would suggest how to repair it.

    However I still am and forever will be in total awe of Mr. Popiel's "Set it and forget it" oven. Pure genius. 😉

  2. I would invent an egg poacher. Tossing an egg into water and swirling it around has yet to work for me.

  3. You are remembering to add the vinegar, aren't you? It is essential if you want a good poached egg. 🙂

  4. New Home Appliance

    A while ago, Erik asked what household appliance you would invent and my answer was an egg poacher. I've since learned (because I had never really looked before) that egg poachers do exist (not that they are actually appliances, but...