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Off They Go: Taxes 2002

Today I took my prepared tax return to the post office and deposited the bastard in the mail. The envelope looked like this:


It had about ten sheets of paper in there, so I stuck on four $0.34 stamps and two $0.37 stamps. That should do it. The amount of the check inside was considerably higher. 😐

2 Responses to "Off They Go: Taxes 2002"

  1. Ok, so this isn't related to taxes, but to the new Safari that got released.

    Is it trapping the middle mouse button? I was using Cocoa Gestures (a really awesome utility - Apple should think about providing that in the OS) and it no longer lets me use the middle mouse button for gesture activation.

    That ain't nice! (although the tabs are pretty good).

  2. Way to procrastinate there, chief.