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This Explains It

backlight.gifI've been noticing a lot of people signing up for the FSS Mailing List today. Now I know why. On Friday's Call For Help, the show Chris Pirillo used to run, Leo Laporte mentioned that he may show how to run a screen effect as a background this week. Brad, author of BackLight, which does this, wrote to him. Leo responded:

Awesome, Brad. I'll plug it today. Looks like you all do some very cool stuff!

As linked above, you can see the link to FSS at this Call for Help show notes page. Once when Bob LeVitus was on The Screen Savers he mentioned Memogram, another piece of FSS freeware.

2 Responses to "This Explains It"

  1. Your famous! 😉

  2. James Duncan Davidson didn't get a chance to mention BackLight on TechTV's "The Screensavers," but it's on their site anyway. Of course, we're grateful to...