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This site now validates as XHTML 1.1. I spent a few hours working on this - had to change the nesting of some things, had to hack at my stylesheet a little (hspace, vspace, border aren't XHTML 1.1).

Only one problem remains: MovableType puts target="_blank" in when someone gives a URL with their comment. This causes individual pages to fail when such a comment w/URL is present.

I believe that this is so that MT's comment (and TrackBack) popups don't trap people inside a little square window. These popups are generated from a CGI script and are instantly updated, whereas TrackBacks and comments listed on the individual page are not.

So my question is this: shouldn't it be possible to define a target for the popups, leaving the HTML written for the comments on the individual pages to be non-targetted?

I don't want to hack my MT scripts too much. I have one or two hacks in place already - pinging my own site is one of them. My position is that this behavior -conforming to the XHTML 1.1 spec - should be a standard behavior built into the proper templates (the comment-building CGI script, and the comment-display CGI script).

Thoughts? It's late and I may not be thinking clearly. 🙂

P.S. My <blockquote> code had to be rejiggered as well. I like using MovableType to do automatic p/br tagging for me, but it also puts p tags around divs and whatnot. Currently I'm using <span class="blockquote"> and the desired effect is not being achieved. Hmmm, more experimentation necessary. Suggestions are welcome.

Here is a blockquote for you to look at. The whole thing should be indented on both sides and the line height should be adjusted to be 100%, not the same (125 I think) as the rest of my entries.

Note that I use MTMacro to change <bq></bq> into the appropriate thing. Currently, as I said, that's a "span". Previously it was a "div". Before that it was just "blockquote." None of those validate with p tags around them.

5 Responses to "XHTML 1.1"

  1. Well, you could just wrap the link MT outputs into PHP, and fix it with a bit of regular expressions magic..

  2. I've been using Brad Choate's MT-Textile plugin instead of using the standard convert line breaks - this avoids the blockquote problem and avoids markup alltogether. As for target="_blank", I just hacked it using this solution. (I think this site is in the process of moving ... oh well.)

  3. Using regular expressions is lame. MovableType should do this itself.

    And as for the Textile stuff, well, I like markup - some markup - like li, ul, ol, em, strong, u, etc. I want to do those myself. I've been doing HTML so long that it's second nature - learning a new kind of markup (which Textile is) would take me more time than just doing HTML.

    I want to find a solution to this blockquote issue and the target issue before the end of the week. That's my goal.

  4. I'm attempting to fix some JavaScript issues with the site. Specifically regarding the items discussed in the comments of of this article by Phil Ringnalda....

  5. No, I'm not.