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History in Flames

Jeremy talks about the burning of Iraqi libraries and museums, some of which house items thousands of years old:

As I say, I'm having a hard time with this so don't expect rational arguments from me. I guess Bush and company can be happy that their war finally achieved something that will keep it in the history books for a long time to come.

Like our Shrub, I went through a period in my life when I didn't value museums or libraries, too. I think I was about six. 🙁

6 Responses to "History in Flames"

  1. Oh, come on. The people complaining about these museums are the same people who wanted to leave Iraqis in oppression. Be consistent.

  2. Leave Iraq in oppression? No. We, errr, I didn't want to bomb the fuck out of Iraq before attempting to take things dimplomatically.

  3. Americans rarely have a perspective on history. With our... woo hoo... 400th Anniversary approaching since Westerners decided to occupy this continent (I count Jamestown as first real settlement), and only 227 years as a nation, it's hard to imagine how much 5,000 years of history is. Most likely, only the Chinese understand what this means to lose.

    It's disingenuous to suggest that people who opposed the war supported Saddam, and honestly it's a sign of lazy intellect and sloppy logic ill-befitting any actual debate. One should wonder more about those who are eager to shed the blood of others, and revel in the destruction as thought it were some orgy of blood. "War Porn" being what I call it.

  4. If knowledge equals power, than what does destruction of knowledge equal?

    Jeremy of Antipixel is expressing his anguish and rage at the burning of museums and libraries in Iraq. For almost a thousand years, Baghdad was the cultural capital of the Arab world, the most literate population in the Middle East. Genghis Khan's gra...

  5. Oh, come on. The people complaining about these museums are the same people who wanted to leave Iraqis in oppression. Be consistent

    What does bombing the hell out of Iraq have to do with its museums? Do you also burn kittens for fun?

    There is nothing to be consistent about.

    1. I am against the war on Iraq.

    2. I am for impeaching Shrub (as firmly as any libertarian, green, or democrat).

    3. I am for preserving history, which is what those museums represent and contain.

    These things are not connected in any way, you Rush-licking moron.

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