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American Idol: 7 Contestants

Who will be worst this week? The blondes need to step it up. Josh Gracin needs to step it up. Clay, Rubin, Kimberley, and Trenyce seem likely to make the final four, though I want the first two to sing some different kinds of songs. Let's see how it all goes tonight.

Billy Joel songs? Awesome. Smoky Robinson? Okay. I once read that only men like Billy Joel, but I've met a fair number of women that dig him. Smoky Robinson's looking pretty… interesting. Not quite as I predicted.

Kimberly sings It's Still Rock and Roll and it's starting off pretty flat and boring. She's failed to step it up, as she's been told she needs to every week. She's just not done that. It's still very early in the show, but this could be her week to go. Paula tells her it was one of her best nights? Well, Paula hardly ever says anything adequate. Simon says she's capable of better, and he says we're at the halfway point. His thoughts seem to be that she's on the way out soon too.

Ruben is going to sing Just the Way You Are. Ruben seems to pick simple songs he can put some heart into. I don't know that he's really challenged himself yet. He's doing well, I just don't know that he's really pushed the envelope and blown anyone away yet. And bang, Simon says about what I just said. Go Erik, go Erik. 🙂

Kimberley (with an e) is going to sing New York State of Mind . I like the commentary by Billy Joel - as a fan I like to see what inspired a song or something. It's interesting to hear a woman other than, what, Barbara Streisand sing this song. She's doing a good job of making the song sound unique, of putting a bit of a stamp on it. I don't care for her take on the song much, preferring Billy's, but she's doing pretty well. She looks good this week - no more of that Heat Flame hairdo, thank goodness.

Carmen is going to sing And So It Goes. Odd choice. Ouch, "and every time" hurt a little. This is one of my favorite Joel songs, and she doesn't seem to really like the song. She's strong on the wrong parts, soft on the wrong parts, and pitchy throughout. She just doesn't seem to "get" what the song was about. Not so good. Wow, and Simon says "shut up." Randy sticks up and agrees with him for once. Some damn painful feedback, but, ugh. They're right.

Josh is going to sing Piano Man. I hate country, but everyone drunk in a bar sings this song. Should be interesting to see how he sings it. Part of the problem I have with country singers is that they often don't sound like they're singing, but talking a bit too much. Their accent breaks up their words a little too much or something. This rendition is just so so. It didn't do much for me, but at the same time, it wasn't bad like Kimberly or Carmen. Simon about says just that and then Paula cuts him off with "Josh, we love ya." Ugh. Shut up woman, you're almost never right and always too positive.

Lashundra Cobbins is going to sing Baby Grand. It's bluesy, she says, and that's fine. Not my style, but we'll see how it goes. Her stage presence has never been really one worth noting, and this has given her the chance to "skip" that by standing at a microphone. Can she play piano? I doubt it. She's doing a pretty good take though. Breaks up a bit for a breath or something. Actually, she put a lot of soul and sensuality (is sultriness a word?) into the song, and I liked it quite a bit. So far second or third best after Kimberley.

Clay's gonna sing Tell Her About It. A faster song, fine, good. Clay admits to liking ballads, yeah. I guess, though, that's the way male pop stars go? Justin Timberlake? Ballads right? Whatever… Wow, his voice is so not like Billy Joel the song sounds pretty different. The song starts pretty ballad-like before kicking up tempo, and, well, now it's over. Ho hum. Clay's routinely good, so it's tough to be too enthused. But hey, good job.

So there we have it. Worst of the week: the blondes. Who's going to go? Carmen, I hope. Next week Kimberly. Then Josh. That's my vote and I'm stickin' to it.

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    noun 1. Music. One who plays the harpsichord. Possible Spoilers: American Idol It's a turning point tonight on American Idol