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Microsoft Ho Returns to Her Pimp

The Microsoft Ho has returned to her pimp. Yes folks, that's right. The whore herself, Robert Scoble, is now an employee of Microsloth, Micro$oft, or whatever other lame, childish title you wish to assign to one of the largest publishers of Mac (oh, and Windows) software in the world.

It should go without saying that all this "ho" business is a bit of a teasing game with Robert and myself, though I say should go without saying, but obviously, as I'm saying it, it doesn't.

P.S. Just because I'm teasing him about being a ho doesn't mean he isn't one, too. 🙂

P.P.S. I'm doing my part to get him fired as quickly as possible. Read his post before you think that makes me sadistic.

7 Responses to "Microsoft Ho Returns to Her Pimp"

  1. Lovely. Since weblogging, "had something to do with it", maybe M$ will buy that wonderfully shitty Radio software and drive even more people away.

  2. Heh.

    Well, you know, if I +do+ happen to convert you, that I'm gonna make sure to show your note here to my boss so I can show him what a great job I'm doing.

    I like challenges. I remember my friends in college who used to tell me "I'll never use a GUI." All of them now are.

    I'm patient. Just remember, those who say "never" usually are the first to crumble when you show them something better.

  3. Well Robert, give me a Tablet PC and we'll see how I like it.

    Oh, and a command line, a development environment as awesome as Cocoa (etc.), and a few other things. Then we'll talk.

    And hey, I never said "never." I use the best tool for the job. That's Mac OS X right now. If something better comes along, I'm there. Show me what you got.

    But first, give me a Tablet PC.

  4. Free PocketPC's for everyone. That's step one to getting Linux-Mac OS X users using WindowsXP.

    I hate XP. With passion. It's just disgusting, which is why I've got BeOS for any sort of work and WinXP, which I only boot to play Natural-Selection.

    Oh, and my Mac box. At my other house.

  5. Well, I use XP every day. I can enumerate at least 100 ways that it sucks too. But, I'm not on the XP team. Let's talk in November.

  6. Are you allowed to say that? 😛

    I think I remember reading in like… BusinessWeek perhaps, that pointing out that you want some Microsoft feature to work more like Linux was not allowed there. Not by some rule but just the mentality of the people there.

    In any case, congratulations. As much as I hate Microsoft I'd like to work there.

  7. The things people will do for money.