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Blogs for Research

Sven-S. Porst asks whether blogs are good for research and lists a few pros and cons. I used a "blog" for research quite a bit in college, except I spelled it without the "b." In other words, I had a notebook with dated entries where I wrote down paradigms, mnemonic devices, and other tricks and "eurekas!" as I discovered or invented them.

Had MovableType 2.x been available at that time, I think I might have used it. After all, I type much faster than I write.

2 Responses to "Blogs for Research"

  1. We were actually required to keep a log about our project for final exams in school.

  2. I don't like the idea of note taking. It means I'm just copying down what the person is saying without the time to retain it or think about it. It'd be far better if the person teaching just put their notes online. Then there would be no need to go to class 😉