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My iFly was Down

7:00 - I wake up
7:30 - I finish breakfast
8:00 - I finish a shower
8:30 - I take Flint out again and drive to the Apple store for the iMovie class
10:00 - I begin the iMovie class
11:00 - I break for five minutes
11:30 - I notice that my fly is down :-O
11:31 - I return from excusing myself quickly and fixing the fly
11:32 - I wonder why nobody said anything

I'm not one to get embarrassed easily. My fly was down. The fact that I wasn't wearing any boxers (ahhh, commando! Give me some slack, man, Florida is hot.) perhaps added to the potential embarrassment a little, but then again, I'm hardly embarrassed of that.

I can only hope that the students didn't notice, because I imagine that they might have been pretty embarrassed (or uneasy). If they had, I'd only wish they - or one of the other folks I was around that day - had let me know.

Can't change the past; but sure can make fun of myself for it. 🙂

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