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Four Movies with Jen

For a so-called movie fan, I sure as hell don't seem to know much about the movies. For example, Jen asked me which of the following four I want to see with her tonight>

  • Bend it Like Beckham
  • Lilya 4-Ever
  • Better Luck Tomorrow
  • The Young Unknowns
  • God help me but I've never heard of any of 'em.

    Ahh, now that I've seen them in Sherlock, I've actually heard of Better Luck Tomorrow. I think were seeing Bend it Like Beckham though.

    8 Responses to "Four Movies with Jen"

    1. Its a good movie. I watched it several times. =)

    2. Uh… which? I guess you mean Bend eh?

    3. Bend it like Beckham is a good movie. Reminded me a lot of another movie that I wanted to see and a movie that I did see. In order they are East Meets West and Monsoon Wedding. Definitely better than the latter, Bend it like Beckham, is definitely the movie to watch 🙂

      Oh god, I sound like a movie critic. "It Stinks!"

    4. FWIW, Beckham did not make it in The Simpsons because the producers judged that he was not famous enough in America to appeal to the audience. Err, I suppose you know who he is 🙂

    5. What the hell are you talking about?

    6. I'm looking forward to seeing Bend it Like Beckham. I've been waiting for weeks to see that film.

    7. I hope I am not too late, see Better Luck Tomorrow. It is worth it.

    8. Last night I saw Bend it Like Beckham with my friend Jen. The movie, nearly two hours long, offers nothing terribly new from a macro...