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My Top 10 Safari Issues

safari_icon.gifI, like many, have been using Safari for some time now. I've compiled a list of my top 10 feature requests and bugs. It's reassuring to know that many of my top features/bugs are also on the list of most duplicated bug reports/feature requests.

Is Safari still a beta? Yes, simply because Apple says so. Does it work better at this point than Internet Explorer, which has a decidedly un-beta numbering "version 5.2.2?" You betcha. Anyway, here's the list.

In no particular order…

  • Long content need to be force-wrapped. I hate it when someone posts a really long URL in a forum somewhere and it forces the page to scroll horizontally.
  • Find doesn't work on framesets, and printing a frameset results in horrible clipping.
  • Block advertising (by size, by host, something!) OmniWeb does this really well with that little "mask" icon.
  • Full keyboard access (popup buttons, etc.) would be nice. Filling out forms is a pain with Safari.
  • Undo support for deleted text in a form.
  • When I accidentally type something in the location bar and reload, Safari attempts to load the mistyped URL, not the actual page being displayed.
  • Safari needs "Save File As…" or some way to specify file location and name.
  • Back button should go back to bookmarks if that is the previous "location."
  • Support spell-checking in any web form as on by default and "check spelling as I type" by default (or a preference - I'd turn it on).
  • Eliminate that 60 second timeout, perhaps replacing it with a cool visual counter in the middle of the page (perhaps like the transparent graphic you get when you change your computer's volume or brightness via the keyboard).
  • 14 Responses to "My Top 10 Safari Issues"

    1. The most annoying feature of Safari (for me at least) is it's tendency to quit unexpectedly when hidden/inactive. Whilst broswing i almost never get any problems with it quitting on pages, but almost everytime i close all the windows (or hide it) and leave safari idle while i take care of something else, it later unexpectedly quits for no apparent reason.


    2. Standard refrain: Have you filed a bug report for each of these?

    3. Standard answer: of course. But who knows where those bug things go from Safari.

      I've filed some internally as well.

    4. 1, 3, 6, and 9 are the ones on your list that bug me almost everyday. The other thing that really drives me crazy is the way the location bar autocomplete. Omniweb and camino handle it so much nicer. When you start typing, it should give a drop down box that list possible matches. I pull my hair out everytime I type something simple to get the front page of a site only to have it replaced by a url that's 3 pages long.

    5. You can block advertising by host, size, or anything. Read up on it here.

    6. Not sure that #1 is actually a bug, but I'm sure if you submit it Dave Hyatt, et. al., will take a look at it. I get this a lot, but it's a uniform behavior between browsers that relates to the CSS layout.

    7. Add this one to my Top 10 Safari Issues: the auto-completion of shortcuts. I type "hns/" which expands to "" via TypeIt4Me about a billion...

    8. Thanks John. Guess I can knock that one off my "Top 10 Safari Issues" list soon....

    9. #4 bugs me, as I've gotten used to Camino which lets you access non-text-entry form elements from the keyboard, though I wonder if it'll actually get implemented, since that's somewhat contrary to the standard GUI behavior?

    10. Add this one to my Top 10 Safari Issues: the auto-completion of shortcuts. I type "hns/" which expands to "" via TypeIt4Me about a billion...

    11. Safari opens a new mail message when I submit a form action=mailto....... method=post instead of sending the email as Explorer does automatically.

      I'm using OSX2.6 and the newst Safari 1.0 v85

      why is this?

    12. Hi,

      I am Muralisamy 3.6 years web designers from India. When I see designed website(drupal CMS) in Safari it seems all a href links in red color.. I tired many ways but it couldn't solved..

      If u have any solutions.. drop a mail to me.


    13. There is a nice feature in almost all web browser, that store opened pages and restored them after reopening the web browser.
      Why Safari has not such a thing ? I really used because its more faster, and the web page's content render are better than anyone.

    14. [quote comment="51486"]Why Safari has not such a thing?[/quote]

      It does. It's in the History menu, and it's called "Reopen All Windows From Last Session." I use it every time I quit Safari (or it crashes).