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Rain Arousal

Okay so the title of this one is a bit provocative, but arousal is often a provocative subject. Funny thing is, "arousal" could mean "of the senses" or "of the mind" but if you walk up to someone and say "I'm aroused" you're likely to get beat up (or, in a few cases, maybe laid).

It's raining out right now, one of those sunny rains for which Florida is famous, and I'm aroused. I went outside, stood in the rain, and stared up (glasses help). What is as amazing as rain? It's literally life, just falling from the sky!

That's arousing. I love the rain. I dig thunderstorms, too. Florida supposedly has a bunch of those, but I remember having a lot more in the summertime up in Pennsylvania. CRACK! What can awaken the soul more than the crack of thunder and the piercing strike of lightning?

Thunderstorms are like mother nature having an orgasm.

4 Responses to "Rain Arousal"

  1. Appreciating nature

    Some thoughts on appreciating the beauty of nature.

  2. I love the rain and all, but you scare me sometimes Erik 😉

  3. Father Time and Mother Nature must really be getting it on today. Well, that or she saw me take a bath last night and can't...

  4. It's Like Thunder, Lightning

    One of the few things I miss about the midwest (besides family) are the late spring and early summer thunder...