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OneWord: Reflect

Reflect is the OneWord for today and I like to reflect on my life. I'm in a new quasi-relationship, I'm starting a new job, and my Cherry Coke isn't quite cold yet. I reflect in more than mirrors (if I didn't I suppose I'd be a vampire or something). Ponds too. Jamie uses Ponds face cloths, and I think some are beside my sink. I'm not sure. They're not reflective, though, I know that.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

2 Responses to "OneWord: Reflect"

  1. What you need is some sort of appliance that quickly chills/freezes things. Your Cherry Coke would be ready in 30 seconds (20 seconds on high or would that be low?) =p

  2. Been there, patented that. 😛

    The Cooper-Cooler(tm). For eighty bucks you can chill a can of soda in one minute, bottles in three and a half minutes, or an entire bottle of wine in just six minutes.

    It's not quite ready thirty seconds, but it's close.