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This may be the only entry I post today due to, well, I'll get into it later.

Update: Here's a retelling of what's happened. It all began back when my Interland server/hosting account was moved from a Freedom to a VPS account. The move went fairly well, and I had my old server, with an IP beginning with 66, taken offline once I'd verified that the new server, 64.*, was working properly.

A few days later, however, I began receiving the emails from nightly cron jobs from my old server - it was back online! Recalling that I'd asked Interland to turn off and then wipe the server of all of my information, this was certainly a curious occurrence.

So I did what I suspect most normal people might do in the situation: I logged into the virtual administration area via my Web browser and deleted the users and their home files. What I didn't notice was that the scripts were not intelligent enough to note that I was deleting files on 66.*. Instead, they grabbed my domain name and began removing users from the new server.

So, when all was said and done, I'd really only ended up in removing information from my new server. I did a quick rm -r /* on the "old" box as root, and set about recreating all of the users on my new box.

Luckily, I back up the /usr/home directory every night - that was a life saver. Recreating all of the users, the 15 minutes nobody had email (some people didn't for a few hours), etc. Who knows? Permissions were changed on some groups, some groups weren't recreated at all, and my apache.conf file was goofed up somehow. Users and groups were different, so they required some fiddling. Lots of things required fiddling.

The mailing list I run with mailman is only just now back up and running. For awhile everyone's environment variable for $MAIL went to the wrong folder. Goodness knows what other shit when wrong that I haven't noticed yet.

Of course, Interland was of no help. They couldn't even call back when a manager or an upper level tech was unavailable. Said the tech with whom I was speaking, "everything looks ok to me." I held back saying "because you're an idiot!"

Two people I wish to thank: Andy, because he confirmed my steps and led me through many I wouldn't have thought of myself. And Jamie for putting up with my "opera" last night and still having a good time in the end. Without them I'd have shot myself by now I think. Or at least someone at Interland. 🙂

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  1. Hey, hope everything's alright!

  2. Something broke!