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New Apple Store

Jamie notes the new She's a bit polite with "I can't say it's much of an improvement." I would tend to agree. It looks a bit cluttered. I hope that customers will find it useful, but I miss the big blocky "click me!" icons for each of Apple's four main hardware products.

At least it's not brushed metal. 🙂

4 Responses to "New Apple Store"

  1. I like 'staff picks'. Yeah, right, the products placed there have everything to do with the personal preference of a few employees and not marketing and inventory factors.

  2. Yeah. I dislike the organization of the new store. The old one had a better lay out for quick organization and navigation. I could rant about this, but I won't, and spare all of you the agony of having to scroll past the comment 🙂

  3. I guess I'm the only one who finds the new site more usable? I posted a /. comment about it earlier today:

    The Apple Store

    Last week I found myself baffled because I clicked on an iPod and got a digital lifestyle page instead of the iPod product page. I guess it is a touch cluttered, but that 'clean' look before comes from a lack of usability, at least in my experiences.

  4. Apple Store

    Erik Barzeski doesn’t like the Apple Store’s new look, and I’ve got to agree. It’s too cluttered. By the way, did you know that Apple still sells HyperCard? I recently bought a FireWire hard drive from Dell. Their store is worse...