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Safari’s Auto-Complete

Add this one to my Top 10 Safari Issues: the auto-completion of shortcuts.

I type "hns/" which expands to "" via TypeIt4Me about a billion times a day, and every time, before I can even press enter, Safari's auto-completed it to some other page (typically my MovableType installation).

I'm seriously contemplating using Camino or OmniWeb until this is fixed. Until then, consider this item 0 on my Top 10 List of Lame Safari Bugs, Annoyances, or Feature Requests.

7 Responses to "Safari’s Auto-Complete"

  1. If you go to Camino, you don't need TypeIt4Me. On any bookmark get info and set a keyword. You can even do string substitution with %s in the URL (to sub in a string just type it after the keyword in the link bar). It kicks anything in Safari.

  2. You greatly underestimate the importance of the reference to TypeIt4Me in this entry, and the utility of TypeIt4Me to begin with.

  3. I think it's time you start using LaunchBar to open your webpages. It stores a database of your bookmarks and automatically learns what key combos you like to open them. Brilliantly fast and intuitive, after a few minutes of experimenting.

  4. Tim, I already use LaunchBar. In fact, Maybe the fifth comment will be a charm? 😛

  5. Why not use Camino anyways? 🙂

  6. Actually, TypeIt4Me does not work with Camino's field's. It is really frustrating. Evidently they don't use Apple's provided field, instead they coded their own (or perhaps are using one from Gecko?).

  7. Erik:

    I understand TypeIt4Me is great, but was just pointing out a great feature in Camino that a lot of users don't know about... I'm probably 1 of 2 people I know that use substitution.

    Oh, and LaunchBar rocks.