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American Idol: 6 Contestants

I'm a bit late in getting my post up, but oh well. Deal with it. This will be short: I haven't got much time and I'm really far behind on my TiVo playlist.

Diane Warren is pretty awesome, so it's great that she's on. Guest judging and singing her songs, great. Good job. For whatever reason I thought she was fatter than she actually is. 🙂 "They can sing along with your songs" says Ryan, and she quips "Good, cuz I can't." Must be an interesting position to be in.

Kimberley Locke is going to sing a song Celine Dion has done, If You Asked Me To. When will people learn? You don't sing Celine songs. You don't sing Whitney Houston songs. You won't compare favorably! Kimberley isn't starting terribly, but then I realize she's just singing in her own voice and not Celine's, anyway. I'm not feeling it very well here. She seems to be hitting notes, she can hold that one for a long time, and it's just a very "blah" performance for me. She hit everything, she just didn't "entertain" me.=. She's got some range, though, with a high note at the end. Randy loved it, Paula loved it, Diane loved it, and Simon loved it.

Clay Aiken is going to sing I Could Not Ask For More, recorded by Edwin McCain and some country singer. Another slower "soundtrack" song. His facial expressions are still there. I'll just assume he's going to be perfect technically, but again, he's standing there and he looks weird. He doesn't dance. Michael Bolton may have been a bit like Clay, but Michael moved around and had sex appeal (or so my mom tells me). Clay does okay, Randy says he's "one of the best." Yeah, okay. Next week maybe a fast song, dude?

Lame Herbal Essences commercial. Nick is right. Gotta fill an hour with only 20 minutes of singing, I guess.

Trenyce (Lashundra Cobbins or whatever her name is) is going to sing Have You Ever. She sings well, and that makes her a good singer, but I'm not so sure that she's "the best" here. I've never really liked any of her performances. She pushes out some notes, and has a little range. She's a good singer. Ho hum.

Joshua Gracin is singing That's When I'll Stop Loving You, a song he used to sing to his wife. And, uhh, what the hell? He's Justin Timberlake now? My goodness, this is just terrible. It's not country, but his twang sneaks in enough to ruin it. He's missing notes all over the place. Do not adjust your television set: he's really doing that badly. Ugh. This is one of the worst performances of the past month or two. Just ugh, and double ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. His wife must be tone deaf if she married him after he sang that to her.

Carmen Rasmusen is up next and is going to sing Love Will Lead You Back. Hmm, that warbling is bugging me. She's screaming the high notes, and warbling the low ones. Y'know, I used to like this song, but now I don't. I barely even recognize it. She's not doing nearly as bad as Josh, but this is clearly second worst so far. Who's left? Ruben, okay, I can safely say that this will be the second worst performance of the night. Some damn harsh commentary, and she thinks she can win. I'll take that bet, uh huh.

Ruben Studdard brings the night to a close with Music of My Heart. Diane thinks he chose a good song for himself. I think she said that about everyone. He puts in a good performance, but y'know, I'm gonna rank it second. Clay beat him again, Kimberley was a close third, and Trenyce pulls up fourth. Carmen is about a billion miles below, and Josh a billion more below her.

The end.

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  1. Hexad

    noun 1. A group or series of six. Possible Spoilers: American Idol Diane Warren was the featured songwriter tonight on

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