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Succeeding as a Company

What the flying fuck does this mean:

To succeed with this service, and as a company, Apple needs to tempt the other 97 percent of computer users.

So I suppose the, oh, 27+ years that Apple's been in business make it a non-success? That they won't be a success until they get above 10% market share? All the money they've made, the revolutions they've begun, and all the money they've got in the bank, those are no longer measures of success?

bah.pngI hate car analogies as much as the next guy, but c'mon, this is a Business 2.0 article? Do they consider BMW a failure as a company? To Business 2.0 I award a much-coveted Bah!

3 Responses to "Succeeding as a Company"

  1. It's really time for all of us a mac afficionados to fully accept the fact that there is a segment of the worlds population that will just never allow themselves to believe in Apple. Sad a fact as that is, and it is sad, it seems like we'll always be climbing uphill in our battle to sway folks to the Apple way of doing things.

    That being said, i for one plan on continuing the struggle...

  2. Yes, the sad story of Apple's stock price should more than prove that there is a large segment of the world that refuses to believe in Apple. Given the huge cash reserves they are sitting on for a company of their size, and a positive cash flow in this economic time, the stock price should be well above where it is. But it never is worth more than "dirt cheap" except for the pump-and-dump before/during MacWorlds.

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