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Systemizing Empathy

I recently took the empathy quotient and systemizing quotient tests. I scored a 40 and a 39, respectively.

On the systemizing quotient, I fit within the 20-39 group, which says that I have an average ability for analyzing and exploring a system (though obviously at the very top end of "average"). Most people with Asperger Syndrome or high functioning autism score between 40-50.

I was most surprised by my empathy quotient: only a 40. Men average 42 and women 47. A lot of the questions dealt with social situations, which as a fairly introverted guy, I tend to avoid. I like spending time one-on-one or in small groups, and with my friends, I'm extremely empathetic. I'm a good listener, and I have an intuitive sense as to how someone is feeling. But in a group situation? Bah, that goes right out the window. I'd rather just be at home cuddled up on the couch with a friend - or my dog - watching a movie.

13 Responses to "Systemizing Empathy"

  1. I took the test just a few minutes ago and I received a 54 empathy quotient and a 42 systemizing quotient. I thought I would rate lower in systemizing, actually.

  2. yay, an EQ of 32 and an SQ of 50. Maybe I should just shoot myself.

  3. 63 on the Systemizing test. 30 on the Empathy test.

    If I didn't know better I'd say I have Asperger's.

  4. I agree, I think the test should have asked more questions that apply in small personal scenarios.

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  6. I took the test a few days and scored 23 on EQ, 51 on SQ. And I'm pretty sure I have borderline Asperger's... but I agree I do better in a one-on-one situation.

  7. You're all losers. I scored a 4 on the empathy test.

  8. 27 on empathy and 60 on systemizing. Anyone scoring higher than me on EQ is obviously uncaring. As for the implication that a high SQ is evidence of Asperger, only concrete-bound hippies could come up with such a vile explanation.

  9. I scored a 16 EQ and 60 SQ.

    I have asperger syndrome, orginally I thought I had ADD but it appears these two are correlated and I function with both.

    I found the questions to relate a lot to me.

  10. Score was +4 on Empathy and +78 on Systemizing. I would be interested to know the correlation coefficients of these assessment inventories with any known medical/psychological dis-orders.

  11. I scored 10 EQ and 28 SQ. SQ rather average but empathy extreemly low. What the fuck is the problem with me. It isnt asperger. Am I a psychopath?

  12. i scored 49 on the eq test and 17 on the sq test.

    what does that mean lol?

  13. OK, here's the deal...

    I scored a 66 on the EQ test, right?

    And an 11 (It should have been higher. I'm not THAT disorganized) on the SQ test. My perceptions of things are pretty accurate overall, so I don't think it's too inaccurate.

    The ironic thing is that this one quack I went to not only thought I had Asperger's, but he also told me that it was on the ADD spectrum and that my nonverbal skills were fine. If that's not contradicting oneself, I don't know what is.