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Mario Kart GameCube!

mario_kart_cube.jpgEric Nick points out that Mario Kart for the GameCube has been announced. YES! I previously wrote about Mario Kart, but I have one question not answered by the preview page linked to above: will it allow Internet play? I'd be interested in seeing who's better: the Nickster or myself.

Awesome! This starts this day off better than any of the past few I've had. Though I should note that I still haven't taken Zelda (Wind Waker) out of the cellophane, yet. Maturity is a weird thing. I still love 'em for the release they provide, but I keep prioritizing other things above them. Like reading, talking to Jamie, and working. 🙂

mario_kart_logo.jpgThe new buddy karts are interesting, but I'm afraid that the game will lose the raw simplicity of previous versions. That raw simplicity was quite fair: better players won more often. The more gimmicks you add to a game, the more potential exists for the lesser-skilled players to pull out wins.

6 Responses to "Mario Kart GameCube!"

  1. Heh ... I think you meant me, not Eric. 🙂

    And, I was never really *that* good, so by default I'd guess that you probably were. I'd imagine that we won't get to find out, though, given Nintendo's lukewarm feelings about Internet play ... 🙁


  2. Bah, I've got more than a few games still in their wrappers as well, There is just no time any more to play games no matter how much I'd like to. Well, I do have time to play GBA games but that's something else 😉

    The only game I'd love to have internet play on is Soul Calibur 2. Welcome to the stage of victory! BEAT DOWN!

  3. mario and zelda are the best.

    no other console can rectefy it.

    I hope the Nintendo master makes another new mario and zelda game.

    because they are the best

  4. Several moronic posts that including nothing but namecalling have been removed. The poster's IP was ""

  5. is bowser marios foe

  6. I love Mario kart duble dash. They need to make a second harder one.