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QotD: Ancient Clothes

Question: If you could live in a past era just so you could wear the clothes in fashion at the time, when would it be?

My Answer: I would live in the stone age, when clothes were mostly optional, because I tend to be somewhat uncomfortable in any kind of "fashion" clothing. I sit around all day in soccer shorts and t-shirts, trying to keep comfort at a maximum.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Ancient Clothes"

  1. I think ancient greece would be nice for similar reasons to what you said. Loose comfortable cloths and sandles.

    On the other side I'd hate to be stuck in a time like Victorian. Not my idea of comfort at all.

  2. Come on now - surely the sixties/seventies (20th c)

    You can wear the most outragous clothes and still be fashionable and/or experimental.

  3. For me, easily, the 1940's. Really cool suits and fedoras.

  4. great

  5. this sucks

  6. i think ancient romes clothes would be nice and airy on a hot day

  7. 🙁 i cant find some stinkin information 'bout prehistoric clothes 🙁

  8. Ther is no information on the web at all about prehistoric clothes. But anyway, I would probably choose the sixties because the clothes were hot and the music was awesome

  9. You suck!!! yA Jackass!

  10. I would probably live in this era but in hawaii because they rock!!!! And the clothes rock too!