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QotD: Self Bust

Question: If you had a bust of yourself sculpted, where would you place it?

My Answer: In the trash. In a closet. In the basement (if I had one). Maybe I'd hollow it out and plant flowers in it in the yard. Those smelly flowers rabbits don't like, so they are scared away from my lettuce.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Self Bust"

  1. I'd place my bust on my parents shelf in the family room, right where my portrait is. It would be a great conversation piece for family members and friends visiting. 😉

    Hey, Erik! I got loads of love for you! The previous Obj-C bracket post was actually something that's been on my mind a bit lately (we've just covered Smalltalk in my languages class.) Keep up the great work!

  2. In the trash? Come on. When it is sculpted make sure it is smallish and that you have a bit of a smirk. Then put it on top of your toilet tank; hence, creeping everyone out who has to use your bathroom. That's where it should go.