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Two Sites Yours for the Taking

I previously put two of my sites on this blog's virtual auction block, but only received offers (and plenty of them) from people whom I did not trust to maintain the content of the sites in an adequate fashion. Thus, I've not sold the sites yet.

New plan: give each of the sites away to individuals who will do what they can to keep and preserve them, with the catch that they give me 25% of all profits (from ads or whatever) until $2500 is paid (discounts if you want both). The sites are still AppleScript Central and Sound Set Central. They're still very very popular, and they're still the same sites that have netted over $50,000 in ad sales in the past three years, $18,000 of which was last year (Feb 2002 - Mar 2003).1

Contact me via email or AIM (iacas) if you're interested.

1 Edited to add that "last year" information.

4 Responses to "Two Sites Yours for the Taking"

  1. But what have they earned in ads in the last year? Three years ago, the advertising landscape of the Internet was very different.

  2. Last year, $18,000, and that only ended in February.

  3. Ah, but what have the costs been?

    Sounds tempting, certainly... Not that I know anything about Sound Sets, or Applescript, alas, or I would be pleased to take you up on it. I kind of miss being a remotely known name in the "Mac continuum."

  4. If I had a Mac to be able to test the applescripts and sound sets, I would definitely be interested. But alas, I probably won't have a Mac until the end of the year. 🙁