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QotD: Indian Giving

Question: If you could take back any gift you've given but now wish you hadn't, what would it be?

My Answer: Anything and everything ever given to Danielle. I've given bigger gifts than people have deserved in the past, but I don't regret those. Danielle, I regret ever even giving her the time of day.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Indian Giving"

  1. QoD

    Another Question of the Day from Erik. Question: If you could take back any gift you've given but now wish...

  2. Good question, but, the term 'indian giving' has some nasty implications to it and was coined based on an alleged native american 'custom' that let people take back gifts they had given. More realistically, the idea probably sprung out of anti-native american sentiments during colonial times.

    Unfortunately, its usually been the opposite situation, where the American government has given land to tribes, then taken it away when settlers wanted it, leaving them in pretty bad shape, and crammed into reservations/ghettos.

    We might want to rename it 'american giving' to be more historically accurate.

  3. I do not want any gift back. It comes back with memories and I don't like. All I want is to get back the time I've spent

  4. What has been given, it has and nothing more. To have the time back is pure fantasy. A gift means a pleasure, all I want back is that pleasure, but is impossible as a real pleasure is irepetable.