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Dead Erik, Dead Machine: Lan Party Results

quake3_in_a_window.jpgThe LAN party went off without a hitch: we played a whole helluva lot of Quake 3 and a few games of 4x4 Evolution at the end. Good stuff. I held my own in each of the games, which I suppose is saying something given that I never play on my own.

We wrapped it up at about 4am, and I napped a few hours before waking up. Put the tower/router/display back in their places and began connecting things. I was amazed at how simple it was to hook everything (about twelve USB devices, and seven or eight Firewire devices) back up - especially the wonder that is a "single cable for USB, power, and video," the Apple Display Connector (ADC).

One problem: the machine wouldn't boot up. Wouldn't even turn on. Solution: remind myself that the power cable is, indeed, necessary. Problem solved. Switched locations, ran last night's cron jobs manually, and here I am: a bit tired, though not nearly as dead as the many times I was fragged last night.

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