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JavaScript, XHTML 1.1, and Comments

I'm attempting to fix some JavaScript issues with this site, specifically regarding the items discussed in the comments of of this article by Phil Ringnalda.

I believe I may have accomplished this by doing the following in my "Individual" and "Comment Listing" templates (and rebuilding the former).

// = getCookie("mtcmtmail");// = getCookie("mtcmtauth");
//	document.comments_form.url.value = getCookie("mtcmthome");
document.getElementById("comments_form").email.value = getCookie("mtcmtmail");
document.getElementById("comments_form").author.value = getCookie("mtcmtauth");
document.getElementById("comments_form").url.value = getCookie("mtcmthome");

Why did I remove 'name=""' from my templates? XHTML 1.1 doesn't support it, and I'm trying to support XHTML 1.1 throughout.

Please post any comments, compatibility reports, ideas, etc. to this entry. I hope to have it "fixed" by the end of the day on every major browser.

3 Responses to "JavaScript, XHTML 1.1, and Comments"

  1. Already working fine with the previous cookie in Phoenix/Win. We'll see if this comment sets a working cookie you can retrieve in IE6/Win (quickly, quickly, must close this damn browser!).

  2. Like a charm. You're fixed.

  3. Great. I spiced up comments with a little vertical line while I was at it, and now I'm trying to do some other things too. "Playing around with my blog" is not only a good way to kill time, but, uhh, well it's mostly good for that. 🙂