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Unix Haters Handbook

Erik: I love how in the foreword to UHH, the guy says "If this book doesn't kill Unix, nothing will. As for me? I switched t the Mac. No more grep, no more piping, no more SED scripts."
Mike: sucker

4 Responses to "Unix Haters Handbook"

  1. Pretty old book.. the editors/ authors of the book are now big OS X geeks, btw. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I've got a Cocoa book with Simson's name on it within a few feet of my reach as I type this.

  3. Oh, you mean the book where he keeps pushing you to use Emacs instead of Project Builder? 🙂

  4. Hey I used Emacs to write vega strike on OS X

    it's the only editor 🙂

    you can see the funny Apr 1 screenshot

    and the text (course it was all faked):

    Vega Strike has been patched with elisp compatability so now it can run Emacs inside a VDU console.

    This allows coders like me to hack and debug (and fly!) at the same time

    However, this new patch has caused a great deal of flamage as vi users have spammed the forum with messages demanding VI compatability

    This is a post noting the completion of said feature request. I have hacked together a simple terminal emulator and have launched vi and emacs at the same time.

    A screenshot with the two editors running, in peace, side by side, like the allies they have always been.