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Webcams and Mac OS X

In doing some research, Jamie found this webcam of Victoria BC, Canada. Quite by accident I discovered that by clicking the webcam image you get a popup window. The "Server Info" button in that popup reveals:

Server: /
Administrator: Pullman
Administrator e-mail:
OS Info: Mac OS X, 10.2.5, ppc
Java Info: Apple Computer, Inc., V 1.4.1_01
Server: English, United States 10.02.2000 - 16:51:06

I was looking for a webcam and I found Mac OS X. Nice. 🙂

Update: It's not the Server OS as it led me to believe, it's the user's. D'oh!

7 Responses to "Webcams and Mac OS X"

  1. I'm looking for a way to USE a Webcam in OS X. 🙂

  2. Have you looked at EvoCam?

  3. Its not reporting 10.2.5 anymore - it is now reporting my OS, which is different currently... Must be the client OS

  4. Pretty lamely titled button then. 😛

  5. Chris, webcams (USB or Firewire) in Mac OS X are pretty simple:

    The title of this hint is sorta odd given that it lets use webcams pretty much everywhere in the OS (not just the terminal...)

  6. I'm waiting for a free driver for my Logitech Quickcam.. Then I could do live 24-hour broadcasts of my oh-so-interesting java-buzzin' life. 😀

  7. I use an iBot with evocam and it works great. I actually grab still shots during a scheduled part of the day and they get saved to my idisk account. the images then get shown on my regular web site. It's a cool thing. The quality is better than I expected and it works great in 10.2