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Apple’s Unexciting Big Announcement

They say that the devil is in the details, and fortunately for Apple watchers, it's the details that we don't know yet. This is one of the least exciting "big" Apple announcements of all time, perhaps. What don't we know? What do we know? Everyone's saying that the announcement is:

  • Music download via new version of iTunes with an average cost of $0.99/song
  • New iPods

That's what everyone's saying.

The question I've got is this: what is everyone missing? Is it just the details (like what kind of DRM - bear in mind the Hilary Rosen has voiced her support for the service - will it have?). Or is it something big that Apple's managed to keep out of Billboard, the LA Times, Wired, etc.?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

10 Responses to "Apple’s Unexciting Big Announcement"

  1. It's a burning question for sure, since we know that, historically, Apple is not very into DRM. They don't even require serial numbers for their operating system. What a sweet change of pace it is to install Mac OS after having to do Windows installs. (Of course, they probably figure that people have to buy their hardware to run the software, so I imagine that plays a large part in that decision.) They are more cuddly/friendly when it comes to that sort of thing than almost any other company. That's one reason people love them.

    Guess we'll find out today 🙂 Live coverage still going to be @ (why? because we can! no ads or anything...)

  2. I'd say Apple has leaked enough to keep everyone interested and will have something huge up their sleaves, similar to the last MacWorld... maybe just one product... but it'll be there.

  3. I'd say DRM will be similar to what they do on the iPod, which is oscure it to make it more difficult, but not get in the way in general. Also, I'd like to see a discount based on the number of tracks you buy. Maybe $0.99 for the first 20, then $0.89, then going all the way down to like $0.50 once you've bought 100 or something like that. Encourage people to buy more tracks.

    Otherwise, Second Spin and CD Cellar (A local used store) will continue to get a majority of my money.

  4. kind of live broadcast:

  5. AppleMusic

    Thoughts on the new AppleMusic service from Apple Computers. I am fairly unimpressed at the moment!

  6. I got home late and I couldn't see the keynote streaming. Any place where I can see it?.

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  8. Yep, Apple posted the stream. Be warned though--it's boring. Pretty much Steve Jobs rocking out for a looong time (at least after iTunes 4 was demo'd).

  9. I enjoyed it.

  10. Ha! Good luck!!! FWIW, I get the idea that The Company™ doesn't want trade secrets let out, nor do they want people talking about their hiring practices, their pay scales, their benefits, or their bosses. I also get that nearly...