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From the “Shut Up Already” File

From the "Shut Up Already" file comes this tale of whining. Yes, this is the same prick who broke his 17" PowerBook screen and flew into a tirade when Apple wouldn't replace it under warranty. Broken screens have never been covered as codepoet mentions here.

I'm not in favor of "only speaking good of Apple." I'm not in favor of silencing those with problems. However, I'm very much against incessant bitching and whining, and this Manzione character has that nailed. He chose to make this public, and now he's whining about his "private" information being made "public."

To Manzione, I have all of two things to say: 1) Shut up and 2) Never again will I knowingly visit MacNet or any other site owned or operated by Manzione.

3 Responses to "From the “Shut Up Already” File"

  1. In my wonderous stupidity, I cracked *3* 14" LCDs on a Powerbook G3 (Mainstreet). *3* of them. The first one was my fault, I tripped over a cord and it fell to its death. Boom. $1000 to replace it, or something like that. The second one, happened in Atlanta. My laptop case was on my luggage and I was going up a MARTA station, and some moron smacked into me hard, and knocked it off the bag and down the entire escalator. My company paid for that one.

    The last one was agian, my fault, and that's when I replaced it with a Powerbook G4, which I have now dropped 5-6 times, and (cross my fingers) never damaged the display. All I suffer from is the dreaded peeling paint.

    Regardless, I never expected Apple to pay for that. Lord knows I've tricked them into replacing enough things over the years by knowing the system (I worked there for a while).

  2. My thoughts exactly, Erik. I mean, yeah, it sucks to be him, but this isn't the way to get what you want.


  3. Reading the comments on the site, it sounds like there are two sides, each calling the other ignorant. Myself, I'll always side with the folks who make a minimum of illogical statements and know whining when they see it.