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itms:// Links

Bill Bumgarner has figured out how to get direct links to the iTunes Music Store, and they look like this: itms://

I wonder how he did that. I want to be able to do that. I want to have my iTunes list on this site link to ITMS search results instead of Google search results. Is this possible? How is this done? Does anyone know? Bill - care to share?

Update: I believe it's been solved. See the expanded update for more…

The answer came from a TrackBack: Fuse isn't a Mac user, but seems to have gotten it.

Essentially, the snippet of code you'll want to use is this (be sure to get rid of the line break when copying):

Put "itms://" before it and the link will work in iTunes, put "http://" before it and the link will work in Camino (Safari sometimes spits back a malformed XML error).

The tags that are of importance are as follows:

  • songTerm - song title
  • artistTerm - artist name
  • albumTerm - album name
  • composerTerm - composer name
  • term - all fields1

You can string those together in any order, putting standard '&'s2 between them, such as:




Very exciting indeed! I've updated the "now playing" section of the left side of my blog as well as My iTunes list to feature itms:// links.

P.S. I will update with more information as I find it.

1 Thanks Eric Blair (see comments one and two).
2 & changed to & to show up properly on this page. You may need to use & in your URLs to meet the various XHTML specifications and standards. Yes, a simple '&' usually works, but it's usually not correct enough for us really anal types. 🙂

50 Responses to "itms:// Links"

  1. At least figuring out the protocol name is quite straightforward by looking into iTunes' Info.plist. There you'll see that they also have a itmss protocol (presumably secure?).

    And daap is the prefix for sharing music libraries. So I guess you can have people link to your music library. Care to try that later?

    I guess a bit of patience and tcpdump might give you the exact paths of the queries iTunes makes... But perhaps Bill has a better way to do it 🙂

  2. Probably going through a PROXY would reveal more detailed information.

    TCPDUMP spews a lot of gibberish if you not used to looking at that information.

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  4. It would be super sweet if you could buy music for someone else at the iTunes store. That way you could post a list of music you want and nice people who like your blog could buy it for you. Kinda like the Amazon 'wishlist'.

  5. I thought there would be a prominent "Copy Song/Album URL" button or popup menu item, but there's nothing... this is such an important new paradigm, defining a standard way to refer to a song (with 30-sec samples, yet!), you'd think they'd make it easier. Go figure...

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  8. Try going to that using http:// instead of itms:// . You get an XML document with all the data.

    I bet people are, at some point, going to reverse-engineer the protocol, though I don't see anything wrong with iTunes (of course, people could probably then build a free software/open source version usable on other *nixes).

  9. It looks like


    will search for all fields for the specified text.

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  13. This is awesome info guys! Thanks...hope you don't mind if I forwarded tidbits of info and links back here to the MacOSXHints site.

    Also - how do you get that great "iTunes Last Played" page with the itms:// links. Thats fantastic. Do tell what you started out with...

  14. Welcome to the wonderful world of WebObjects and the NeXT legacy...

  15. Kung-Tunes provides the tracks for me currently, though I'm trying to get Jason to eventually add this stuff to Recent Tunes.

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  19. Hrm, just looked 5 minutes at the xml output and it seems that there's no trace of the album cover art url. I presume they are not stored in iTunes itself for many practical reasons (hehe) but I can't find where.. Post if you have any clue about this..

  20. I haven't used Kung-Tunes before. Looking at the docs it seems pretty straightforward. That being said... Would you mind sharing your method?

  21. MattBrink, all covered right here on this very same blog.

    Might I recommend trying next time?

  22. So this reveals source code but doesn't help mac OS 9 folks (like me), access the store , right?

  23. Mathieu, the image cover URL seems to be included in the XML output for the sample link at the top of this page, if you use the XPath expression:


    You end up with the URL to a 170x170 image.

    This works when I run a small XSLT client-side transform in IE6 on Windows, so they don't even block non-iTunes user-agents… But I don't have a Mac, so I don't know if this is the album cover art that iTunes uses/you are talking about…

  24. What's "Mac OS 9"? 🙂

  25. Thank you Ingve. 🙂

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  28. A lot of people's near-instantaneous reaction to the iTunes Music Store may be somewhat negative - a list of things they want, should be improved,...

  29. I think term needs to be used in conjunction with /search?, not /advancedSearchResults?.

    <gratuitous plug>Later in the evening, I'll update iTunes Music Glossary to take into account the changes you've made.</gratuitous plug>

  30. There's a larger cover image in the preview (AAC) file itself. You could extract it using jpegextracor for example.

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  35. I've made a small PHP script that retrieve almost every album CD cover art for the ones who *accidently* downloaded mp3s BEFORE Apple released their Music Store.. hehhe I'm saying almost every album cover because the script is very simple and I had no time to give it more power than loading the first cover that show up in the xml file. I'm currently working on a similar cocoa app but wth amazon request to expand the search (Apple store only have about 200K songs for now)

    You can try it here.

  36. Is it just me, or is the data now returned encrypted, not in readable XML?

    For instance,

    I tried this out with curl -I, and I got this header.

    HTTP/1.1 200 Apple

    Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 19:39:40 GMT

    Content-Length: 3088

    Content-Type: text/xml; charset=iso-8859-1

    Cache-Control: no-transform

    Server: Apache/1.3.27 (Darwin)

    content-encoding: gzip, x-aes-cbc

    x-apple-max-age: 3600

    x-apple-crypto-iv: 5425ece425984e1d6b151049f7146c4a

    x-apple-protocol-key: 2

    x-apple-asset-version: 186

    x-apple-application-instance: 6

    Via: 1.1 netcache03 (NetCache NetApp/5.2.1R2D2)

    So, is Apple trying to prevent ITMS from being used as a useful service?

  37. Seems to me that you're correct - and that it's now encrypted. Hrmph.

  38. Linking to the iTunes Music Store

    Excellent tip that I'm saving here for future use: how to create a website link that performs a search on the iTunes Music Store.

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  40. Hi all,

    Don't know if anyone is interested but I've created a Java client called jTunes that performs similar functions as Kung-Tunes. I haven't slapped a nice GUI onto it yet (ever?) but it picks up the latest song played in iTunes (tested on Windows XP only) and sends a blog trackback to a Moveable type server. If you are interested in the code I can make it available.


  41. I was able to incorporate this into a project I was working on...

    Thanks for all the great help... If anyone wants a perl script that looks at Pictures or MP3s and shows the information then lets you get the Mp3 from ITMS take a look at this;

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  45. I use kung tunes to post my current and last 4 itunes playlist to my MT blog as a trackback ping. I want the album name to be a link to the itms album, but the code just will not work.


    Here's what I have:

    title=itunes: ^t&url=foo&blog_name=Tim's Reflection Connection&excerpt= ^tAlbum: ^aBy: ^p

    ^t = title

    ^p = artist

    ^a = album

    Google searches work fine. Just that itms search causes the script to fail.

    Any ideas?

  46. I thought this entry was great! I used it extensively to build a small webpage that will allow you to search the iTMS from the web. Check it out:

  47. anyone else notice that albumTerm and artistTerm are now broken?

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  50. Contrary to some comments above, this seems to still be working - thanks Eric, this was just what I needed. I've written an AppleScript that grabs all of the data and creates a nice link:

    Better iTunes Data Insert.