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OneWord: Glamour

Glamour makes me think of the magazine by the same name. Like Cosmo, but is it worse or better? Maxim is like Cosmo for guys, except they don't take themselves seriously, and I'm quite afraid that the women of Cosmo do. "How to get a Man to Buy You a Big Engagement Ring" seems like typical Glamour fluff, right beside "How to Get Off Without Your Man" right alongside "Choosing Killer Heels Will Get You Promoted." I sometimes wonder how any woman with an IQ above 40 sees these as anything but comedy rags.

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2 Responses to "OneWord: Glamour"

  1. "glamour" is a false friend in Japanese, where it means "big-breasted". Which, of course, captures a lot of the "Cosmo" atmosphere.

  2. I often find those magazines to sometimes be a bitch-slap in the face of feminism. They are created by women who treat women like sub-servient creatures. "How to get a Man to Buy You a Big Engagement Ring"?

    Maxim is sexist, sure, but it's directed towards men who long for boorish behavior. 🙂