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QotD: iTunes Music Store

Question: What is your single favorite and least favorite feature of the iTunes Music Store?

My Answer: Good: the thirty second previews are awesome - just long enough to get a good listen, no plugin, great quality. Bad: lack of selection. I wanted to pick up Chris Rock's Bring the Pain but it wasn't available. Disappointing. Luckily the selection will grow over time, hopefully rapidly.

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6 Responses to "QotD: iTunes Music Store"

  1. My favorite, and least favorite features are the same thing. Basically, I like how easy it is to purchase songs, and albums. At the same time, I dislike how easy it is to get carried away purchasing songs.

    I can only imagine once the selections increase, how many little "dings" I'll see on the credit card.

    Oh well, best service I've seen so far.

  2. The iTunes Music Store and DRM

    How does Apple make sure I don't authorize more than three Macs to play my music. How are authorizations stored, and how are they transferred? What data is stored for or with authorizations, and what data is transferred with them? My name? My creditcar...

  3. Question: What is your favorite/least favorite features of the iTunes Music Store?

    Positives: Unobtrusive. You can turn it off if you don't use it. No pushed ads making you crazy with flashing monkeys. Fast. amazingly fast on my less than 56k modem.

    Negatives: No BT. seriously no BT is just no good. Small selection of ...

  4. My favorite thing has to be ease of use.

    Least favorite thing's a tie -- the damage this might do the credit card (tho I suspect that's by design on Apple's part 🙂 ) and the inconsistency as to which albums can be purchased as a whole album -- there were at least a few album I looked at that were listed as partial albums even though all the tracks were available for sale.

  5. My favorite thing: The simplicity with parting with $.99.

    Least favorite: The selection (I hope it grows quickly.)

  6. It's mostly good

    - nice design, fast, awsome to have the preview and album info

    - allows me to use the store to catalog my own mp3 collection (ie: what album did this version of this song come from)

    - simple, easy to use, etc etc

    Except for a couple of things:

    - us canucks can't buy, and get an ugly "you can't buy anything" page each time it starts

    - YAFAC (Yet Another Audio Codec) (which has it's own bitches and whinings, such as only sharing with three other machines, no decoders for linux, etc)

    - There are some problems with songs being pointed wrong... search for ray stevens and on a couple of his albums clicking on "ahab the arah" will get you a preview for a completely different song of his. These are little glitches though and I'm sure will be worked out in the end. I wonder though if the song that you buy is the preview one or the correct one?