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RSS for iTunes Music Store

You know what would be awesome? An RSS feed for the iTunes Music Store that would list new additions. You could create one for each genre: Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Classica, Spoken, Exclusives, etc. I'd subscribe to a number of the feeds. Apple could include those "itms://" links to take me right to the store and boom! There I would be, previewing new tracks minutes and buying albums minutes after they're added.

If the ITMS is largely about the impulse, "look, I can go buy that CD now! It's on the store!" seems like an impulse worth capitalizing on, doesn't it?

5 Responses to "RSS for iTunes Music Store"

  1. ITMS RSS Scrape

    Here's a scraped RSS feed for New Releases at the ITMS:

  2. Another cool thing about this whole deal is that you can get new music the minute the clock strikes 12:00:01 (assuming Apple is planning on updating the store that fast) on new music tuesday. So instead of camping out in front of a store to get your favorite artist's new release before everyone else, just logon to the store at midnight and buy it immediately. I don't know how many people actually camp out for a CD release, but people do it for consoles and games, so I assume there are some crazy fans that would do it.

  3. You know there is an itunes feed now, right?

    I found you when I was looking for the URL to generate the feed on the Apple site, I forgot to bookmark it!

  4. Here is the URL, but me, in my RSS-ignorance, have no clue at all what to do to add it on a web page.

  5. Err, that should be "but I, in my RSS-ignorance,". Oops.