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America Ain’t My Idol

Holy freaking cow man. Ruben in the bottom two? Josh safe entirely? As Nick said W T F ??? Josh was so clearly the suckiest last week that I can't understand. Nick says apathy - people think Ruben is safe so they don't vote. It's toll-free people! Trenyce was bottom two, yes, but Josh was bottom one by about a million miles. Wow. Ruben was nearly the Tamyra Gray of this year, and Josh, as Nick mentions, seems to be the Nikki of last season.

I don't have to hear next week's songs to be able to give America one piece of advice: don't call Josh's number. He doesn't deserve a single vote at this stage. Ruben, Clay, and Kimberley must be top three.

3 Responses to "America Ain’t My Idol"

  1. I Just Don't Understand

    Erik says it very well: America Ain’t My Idol. At least not this week. What the hell was up with Ruben in the bottom two? As I played flippy-flip on the remote from the last minutes of Enterprise, it was...

  2. Err, perhaps the lesson to learn is that they'll make sure the show stays 'controversial' enough for people to watch it till the bitter end.

    I guess it's best to never call any of these shows as giving people money for making creepy television can never be a good idea.

    And in case the "votes"' results aren't simply prescribed by record and television company interest, you may want to remind yourself that the percentage of people with bad taste seems to be well over 90.

  3. TWoP nailed it better than I could here.