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iTunes 4: Green Notes

itunes_4_icon.gifAnyone else think it's interesting that the iTunes 4 icon features green notes? Green is the "color of money" (in the US). Apple gives us some green and expects users will give some back. The original iTunes icon - someone correct me if I'm wrong - had blue, pink, and purple icons. iTunes 2 had blue notes, iTunes 3 had purple notes. Prior to seeing the iTunes 4 icon I was expecting pink notes. Instead: green.

Veeeeerrrryyy inteeeeresting.

4 Responses to "iTunes 4: Green Notes"

  1. Green also signifies nature and the environment, and I'm surprised no one's playing up the angle that high-quality digital delivery eliminates pollution from shipping physical media, as well as the need to manufacture the media itself.

  2. Yes, but what about all the extra SUVs that can be bought by the RIAA folks from this lucrative venture? 🙂

    /smarmy bastard

  3. My SUV is green. Well okay, they like to call it an SRV. But whatever.

  4. I just bought a army green hummer. It rocks.