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iTunes 4’s Hidden Menu

hidden_itunes_menu.gifIt seems that iTunes 4 has a myserious hidden menu. To get it:

  1. Click "Window" menu
  2. Press right arrow key
  3. There is no step three!

The appearance of this mysterious menu is intriguing. Quite obviously it provides the old cmd-Y keyboard shortcut for those that may want it. It also provides the lovely shortcut for the search field. Hey - if that's an easy way to get keyboard shortcuts in, so be it!

3 Responses to "iTunes 4’s Hidden Menu"

  1. I've been wanting forward and back when I'm in the music store, so this is sorta cool. Too bad its the ever-intuitive Command-[ and Command-], though. (I know, Command-left arrow and Command-right arrow are kinda used for switching tracks, but really, who does that ;-))

  2. That's damn cool. Interesting way to hide some keyboard shortcuts.

  3. For the record, the Home, Forward and Back key commands are listed in the Keyboard Shortcuts page under the Help menu in iTunes.