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QotD: One Sense

Question: If you could keep only one of your five senses, which would you keep?

My Answer: I would keep my sight. Much of my communication is textual - email, IRC, HTML, PHP, Objective-C, etc. I could live without feeling pain, I could deal with not being able to taste things (I might eat healthier!), and I could sure as hell deal with not having to smell myself. 🙂 Hearing is the only one that gives me pause in answering this question. Sure would save me money at the iTunes Music Store though!

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5 Responses to "QotD: One Sense"

  1. I will go with sight as well since I live on a computer just like you. Here's more justification on why the other four are not important to me.

    Smell - Lafayette, Indiana STINKS.

    Touch - Impervious to pain? Bring it on!

    Hearing - I don't have to listen to my girlfriend bitch at me for doing something dumb 🙂

    Taste - I eat such nasty food anyway, I'd be better off not tasting it. Healthy food sucks.

  2. Impervious to pain... pain is a limiter. A good limiter.

    Smell, is taste. Also warns you of danger. Think of the simpsons here.


  3. Impervious to pain? You may not think that's so cool when you look down to see you've accidentally leant on a hot element and YOUR WHOLE HONKIN' ARM'S BURNT OFF.

  4. sure, not being able to feel pain is a good thing, but what about those other sensations associated with touch? back massages, sex, jaccuzzi, etc. however, i do agree that sight would most likely leave you with the most ability to communicate. but oh the pleasures...

  5. At least it won't hurt when I am sticking my hand on the would I suddenly start doing stupid stuff like that? I was referring to stubbing my toe and it not hurting.