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Bored for 5 Minutes?

Whenever I'm bored for five minutes I pop in on #macdev.

	PfhorSlayer1 has uncompressed Halo's .map data.
mikeash: o no!
	mikeash flees in abject horror
	PfhorSlayer1 is professor chaos!
PfhorSlaye: B-bow before Professor Chaos! Mwhah!
mikeash: Professor Chaos, what a lame name
mikeash: even lamer than Dr. Evil
iacas: why was it compressed?
mikeash: because Bungie is Evil
iacas: oh, yeah
PfhorSlaye: iacas, no clue. The game is on a fucking DVD!
	iacas thinks back to the time he saw Halo at Macworld…
mikeash: are the files really big or something?
PfhorSlaye: Well, it would be faster to read it off the disc.
iacas: maybe the decompression takes less time than the reading

Uh huh. Geeks indeed. All of us.