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CD Cover Art and iTunes Visualizer

itunes_visualizer_cd_art.jpgLook what I've discovered (no, I don't think I'm the first by a long shot). Cover art appears in the iTunes visualizer next to the track name, artist, and CD. Nifty neat-o!

I'm going through the process, as I re-encode my CDs into 192 AAC, of grabbing CD cover art off of (now part of Amazon). Why not, which has bigger versions of the cover art? Because CDNow Amazon's is big enough for me, thank you veddy much.1

1 Lame Taxi and Andy Kaufman reference.

4 Responses to "CD Cover Art and iTunes Visualizer"

  1. Amazon makes their images available via web services. It's greatness.

    Do you know why when you buy a CD from it doesn't say, but if you go to it is really but says it's CDnow? Confusing. Should just be a redirect.

  2. Did you know: if you already have an MP3 in your iTunes Library, and it has cover art, a rating, play count, etc. and you re-encode the CD with AAC, iTunes asks if you want to replace the existing music. If you choose to replace, the cover art, rating, play count etc, get copied to the newly ripped files… very cool & exactly what should happen!

    NB. This requires that the artist/album/song names are identical for it to work.

  3. Check this out. Using Clutter (an app that works with itunes and grags cover art and allows you to arrange the art on your desktop), you can cut and paste the cover art into photoshop, then save that to the desktop, then drag that to itunes. A bit of a workaround, but takes advantage of Clutter grabbing the cd art for you.

  4. "Amazon makes their images available via web services."

    Where can I read more about this? It would be nice to automate the cover art grabbing.