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Design Decisions

Andy and I had an interesting discussion today regarding an app we're working on called PulpFiction1. I really like how I can be with Andy in discussion: somewhat abrasive and very forceful. When he gives the right answer, or says the thing that convinces me of his idea, then I immediately say "good, let's do it." It's an odd thing, this three-person company we have going on, because every time Nick or Andy say "how would you like it" I feel compelled to immediately ask them the same. After all, my ideas are no better than theirs and I really want our products to be the result of a triple mind-meld.

Anyway, this design decision is one which shapes not only how the user interacts with our program, but how our code is structured. It'll shape the AppleScript interface and the human interface. It will shape how easy our application is to use and how well it scaled to "pro" use. It's an interesting decision.

I think we made the right one, at least for now. I heard a story of someone who once said "Decisions in 60 seconds or less or the next one's free." Or something like that. We're all smart people, Andy, Nick, and I, and after we feel we know enough, we make a decision. Snap! And it is done.

1 I can give the name because it's just a code name. "Pulp" deals with "Freshly Squeezed" and "Fiction" is a logical given the movie of the same title. Nobody ever said code names have to mean anything.