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I want to move to Okinawa. Says my friend Heinrich:

It's gorgeous! The water is crystal clear… The beachas are clean, the people are nice, and there is no crime.

Ahhh, but he also says they need Japan, even though they're trying to secede. They need that yen. I can do my job from anywhere, why not Okinawa? There are bound to be more brunettes than in southern Florida, no?

7 Responses to "Okinawa"

  1. Erik, I forget to mention it NEVER snows in Okinawa, and the coldest it gets is MAYBE 65 degrees. It gets pretty hot in the summer, but you always hang at the beach.

  2. I forgot one thing: I don't like Japanese food. Bummer. Burgers and pizza and steaks, baby!

  3. Good like getting into Japan. It's a very homogenous society, and they don't make it easy for immigrants. From AnimeNation:

    "Japanese customs and immigration laws are very strict on foreigners living and working in Japan. For example, foreigners may not apply for a Japanese work permit while in Japan. The common practice is for Americans searching for work in Japan to travel to Japan, find an employer, fly to Taiwan for several weeks to complete the application process for a work visa, then move back to Japan after receiving a work permit. Further complicating the process, the Japanese customs agency is notorious for refusing to issue work permits for foreigners seeking employment in "non-essential" Japanese industries like the comic and animation industries. With Japan being the small, crowded and ethnically homogenous island nation that it already is, some remnants of the ancient isolationist attitude still remain. In parctical terms, Japanese publishing companies and the Japanese customs office will not accept or employ foreigners to do the same jobs that native Japanese citizens can do. "

  4. I have similar thoughts about Australia or New Zeland. One downside with Okinawa though: the language, probably one of the most difficult and complicated languages to learn in the world.

  5. For those that don't know me that well, I don't really want to move to Okinawa. I wasn't being serious.

  6. I have created two comics characters who are heroes from Japan: Duck-Girl and Crane. I am gettting tired of the mainland of America. After I leave Columbia College Chicago, I want to move to Hawaii (if I decide to stay), but I'd rather move to Okinawa and get married.

    Americans are crazy and rude, in general. I need to go somewhere where I can animate and relaunch my Bon Comics series without any B. S. from two-faced backstabbers. I hear the ladies are dark and beautious, anyway. That's all I have to say about that.

  7. I want to say to the man who wrote " I like Hamburgers." Okinawa has more McDonald's on that tiny little island than I have seen anywhere in the USA! Also, they have steak houses too! Since, there are over 50,000 Americans (not all military)on that tiny little island, do you think they would all need to eat Japanese food? Besides, there is a Chilies restaurant, a Taco Bell just to name a few "American" food. Also, most Okinawans speak English ( they are required to learn from grade school until junior high), it more poliet for Americans or any other non-Okinawans to speak Okinawan. I lived there for over 10 years so I know.
    Remember marring an Okinawan woman is not that easy. I knew a man who dated an Okinawan woman for three years. She was told by her family if she decides to marry him ( he is American) she can but she will never have a family again. This was back in 1994, and she did not marry him. Most Okinawan families forbid a woman to marry anyone that is not Okinawan. I wish you best of luck, but if you can get past not marriing an Okinawan woman, just dating her. Then have fun!