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Wal-Mart Sucks for Music

Bend it Like Beckham CDWal-Mart sucks for music. I went to two Wal-Marts today, one of them a not-so-"Super Wal-Mart," and neither had either of the CDs I was looking for:

  • Bend it Like Beckham soundtrack
  • R.E.M.'s Green

I've been trying to track down BiLB for quite some time now. My copy of Green on the other hand looks even better than most of my other CDs, but refuses to play for whatever reason. I can't re-rip all of my CDs into 192 AAC if they refuse to work for whatever reason! Maybe I can return the bad one and tell them it won't work… What would that get me? Another copy of Green? Maybe I can get a different CD…

BTW, I got both CDs for < $28 at Barnes & Noble's music store. Plus that gave me a chance to pick up another Bada Bing! from Jones Soda. Reminder to self: take Jamie to see Bend it Like Beckham before it leaves theaters. It's a "girl power in a good way" movie she should enjoy.

One last thing: my pal Jason pointed out that you can get the 12:29 live version of November Rain for $0.99. Nice. 🙂

7 Responses to "Wal-Mart Sucks for Music"

  1. True, but has really big scans of CD covers, great for iTunes!

  2. They have 'Green' at the iTMS... $9.99. No BiLB, though.

  3. I'm an R.E.M. fan. Having a few files and not the actual CD would be sacrilege!

  4. Any business that actively censors the music it chooses to sell will obviously suck for music.

  5. 192 AAC? Holy Christ man.

  6. Wal-Mart sucks!

    Shop anywhere else but sucky Wal-Mart. They suck for CD's.

    They are right wing wacko company that treats their employees like crap. Shop Target instead!

    Or Tower Records!

  7. My God People, GET A LIFE!