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I've tried to resist the urge to comment on how funny the whole "crashes IE" thing is, but as Mark points out, the bug affects everything that uses the IE renderer. That includes email clients and whatnot.

The bug?

<input type> 

In other words, an input with a type and no = afterwards. Funny how simple some bugs can be, and how some of the simplest bugs can escape attention for so long.

2 Responses to "Win.IE.crash_easily();"

  1. IE Crasher

    I like IE, but this new bug is really stupid. If your are curious , click here to crash your IE. Thank you for your click!...

  2. One more reason to not use IE

    Over at Geek Style, there's a link to this crazy bug in Internet Explorer that will crash your IE browser pretty easily. Curious people can try it out. Once again, here's a link to get the latest release of phoenix/firebird....