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Gimp and PS 7.0 Upgrade Woes

I tried to install Gimp today. I installed Apple's X11 (beta 3), I downloaded GIMP. Then I downloaded gtk. Then I downloaded pango. Then I downloaded glib. Then I tried to ./configure everything. Then I downloaded some pkg-manager or something. I tried to ./configure and ./make it. Twenty minutes later I gave up.

This wouldn't be a problem if I could somehow figure out a way to install my (legit) copy of Photoshop 7.0 (upgrade version) on my 12" PowerBook. It won't boot into 9 and 7.0 Upgrade doesn't take "insert a version 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5 CD" as valid proof of previous ownership. This machine doesn't even have Classic on it. I'm not sure what to do.

17 Responses to "Gimp and PS 7.0 Upgrade Woes"

  1. I'm not sure why you are having a trouble installing the PS7.0. I also bought an upgrade version because I own version 6.0 (full). When I install PS7.0 without the previous version, installer asks me for the serial number of previous version (5.5 or 6.0, I think).

    I enter my serial number for PS6.0 and I got myself a PS7.0 installed on my PB G4 17"!!

    I just stumbled on your page from movable type. Maybe I will visit more often.

    Good luck with your PS7.0!!

  2. If you have a legit copy, why not jump onto some p2p network *cough*limewire*cough* and download a pirated version, and install it? I've heard from reliable sources that there's a copy floating around out there that works just dandy on a os x only system...

    Not that I'd advocate piracy of course, but if you do have a license...

  3. If you want Gimp, go get Fink ( -- It's a package manager for open-source apps on OSX, and bloody rawks.

    You can just type 'fink install gimp' and it'll download and compile all the packages you need.

    It's not 100% painless, but it's considerably easier than doing all the ./configuring yourself. Just make sure and read the docs 😉


  4. I'm testing the Gimp install from FinkCommander, which lets you install Fink packages without diving into the Terminal. I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. Looks like getting it via Fink is the way to go, as it installed without a hitch. I'm even running it on Apple's X11 server. FinkCommander took care of installing all dependencies -- I just told it I wanted "gimp", and it handled the rest. Very slick.

  6. I don't want to install fink.

    And I don't have a version 6.0 serial # because I never got one with my version 6.0 upgrade. The last serial # I've got is a version 5.5 serial number, and it doesn't take it.

  7. If you have a second machine with os9 on it, install photoshop there, and then copy it over onto your powerbook. Then you should be able to get PS7 to recognize it as a valid upgrade.

  8. I haven't had OS 9 installed on any of my machines for over two years. Why would I? Ugh. Clutter.

  9. Another idea, which is what I do actually, is to use GraphicConverter. This is a great program, OS X native, useful for simple image editing, and affordable. I stopped using Photoshop with about version 5 because I found this program did everything I needed. The author is also very good with updates. Soon after I purchased the software, I reported a couple of bugs I found, and within a couple of days a new beta was out that had fixed them. It's a great buy for $30.


  10. No offense, Chuck, but that's not a solution. Yay for GraphicConverter - Photoshop it is not. I've owned GraphicConverter for years - used it today in fact - so thanks for preaching to the choir, but again: that's not a solution.

  11. id just contact adobe. im sure they've seen this problem before. luckily, i use os 9 for all my real work.

  12. Now, this is all very simple.

    1) Call Adobe about the Photoshop problems (as if Gimp is a replacement for Photoshop...). If your serial number checks out, they'll help you out. If not, then I wonder why it doesn't check out?

    2) If you want Gimp, use fink. There is *no* reason why not to, unless you're either masochistic or maintaining the Fink package for Gimp. Fink is completely self-contained in /sw (since you have Apple's X11) in case you ever want to remove it, and is fast and easy to set up (thanks to FinkCommander), and lets you easily add, remove, and upgrade packages.

  13. Erik, having been in a similar quandry, specifically "What's the best way to install GIMP without Fink?", I can tell you that Open Darwin's DarwinPorts is a great way to go.

    DarwinPorts is a great, though fledgling, package management system that is very much "in tune" with OS X's philosophy. It gives you two options.

    You can choose to install the DarwinPorts framework and the PortsManager app, both via CVS & building them yourself. From there you build a .pkg or .mpkg file for use by according to your requirements. Double-click and away you go.You can choose to bypass the management framework, etc, and just download pre-built installer files over Web-DAV. In the Finder, choose "Go -> Connect to Server… (Cmd-K)" and enter "". The volume will mount and you're ready. A double-clickable installer for GIMP & all required files/librairies is located at "mpkgs -> graphics -> gimp-1.2.3.mpkg". To uninstall, use the app found at "Applications -> UnInstaller.dmg".

    Everything will be installed under /opt/local, so you'll have to add it to your path, etc, etc.


  14. There is *no* reason why not to, unless you're either masochistic or maintaining the Fink package for Gimp.

    Not that this is an exclusive case; I'm the only one who fills the latter and I'm not masochistic 😛

  15. Plus the Finked version has libmpeg and multiprocessor support 🙂

  16. Just to put a wrapper on all of this… I called Adobe and about 10 minutes later was given an unlock code after they verified my 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 ownership. So it's all installed now. 🙂

  17. And now you can install fink. 😉